Both permanent residents and Day Care users have all the services they need at their disposal: permanent medical assistance by qualified staff (doctor, nurse, nursing auxiliary and physiotherapist), podologist, hairdresser,...

    The residents of El Molino enjoy and participate in a number of activities which have in common the fostering of their skills and abilities and the creation of a stimulating environment in which not only the basic physical needs are covered, but also their socio-cultural interests.

    Among those activities, held every day from Monday to Friday, in the morning and in the afternoon, we can mention, as an illustration:

• Physical exercises.

• Newspaper reading in group, so the elderly are in touch with the sorrounding reality.

• Games, enhancing mental abilities and bringing entertainment.

• Cinema, enjoyment of films that belong to their range of interests.

• Conferences and speeches by guests.

• Arts (painting, craft...).

• Debates on general topics and current issues to foster participation and interchange of opinions.

• Musictherapy.

• Activities such as painting or ceramics, which stimulate our elders creativity.

    "How old am I? Why care about it! I choose the age that I want and that I feel. The age that allows me to cry with what I think. To do what I want to do without fear to failure or the unkown... I have the experience of so many years lived and the strenghth and conviction of my wishes..."
JOSÉ SARAMAGO...Portuguese author